Redesigned Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG) Settlement Portal,, Launched

Beverly Hills, CA – April 13, 2012

Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG) today announced their new and improved settlement portal, provides a secure, trusted, convenient, and easy way to those who have infringed on content owners’ copyrighted material to settle online. has the advanced ability to offer multiple settlements of the content owners’ choosing.

At the election of the content owner, various settlement options are available and include monetary, goods (such as DVDs or products), services, subscriptions, as well as any other option the content owner may choose.  Using settlement options other than monetary settlements alone give the content owner the opportunity to turn infringers into paying customers who legally consume copyrighted content. also has an educational component.  Site visitors can read and watch videos on how to secure their routers and wireless networks, find links to the manuals of specific routers, read information on network monitoring software, see links to piracy education advocates, as well as links to sites that contain detailed information on the governance of intellectual property rights. works hand-in-hand with CEG’s anti-piracy solutions, which are developed to suit the specific needs of all content creators of audio, video, image, text, video games and software. CEG’s fully automated process continuously monitors valuable features, detects and validates infringements and responds immediately to minimize loss. CEG’s proprietary system provides multiple anti-piracy solutions including a fully customizable Monetization service solution that is available at no cost to the content owner.

  • Infringement Monetization: CEG’s premier Monetization service protects and monetizes content across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols and websites.
  • Content Tracking: CEG’s Data Services identify infringements and provide an invaluable flow of raw data.
  • Content Takedown: CEG’s proprietary Takedown Notice service provides perpetual global monitoring and managed takedown notifications for creative content across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols and websites.
  • Business Intelligence: Copyright Enforcement Group’s Business Intelligence service provides the data analysis content owners need to accurately interpret data and make key business decisions.

Copyright Enforcement Group understands the extensive lengths, sacrifices, and risks creative content owners take to reach audiences worldwide. CEG’s in-house team of technology, intellectual property, and legal experts work together to ensure that owners’ valuable creative works are protected from digital piracy.

To learn more about or CEG’s services, please visit, call 877 5 COPYRIGHT (877 526 7974) ext 175 or email salesteam(at)ceg-intl(dot)com.

About Copyright Enforcement Group

Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG) provides first-in-class copyright protection, offering comprehensive anti-piracy solutions and in-depth business intelligence to copyright owners worldwide. Cutting edge technology enables CEG to track, monetize, and analyze all forms of copyrighted content – audio, video, image, text, video games and software – across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols (P2P) and websites. To learn more about CEG’s services, please visit

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