Copyright Enforcement Group – Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ Track Victim of Copyright Abuse

Skyfall, Adele’s title song for the latest James Bond film, has been an enormous critical and commercial success. Like other successful content, be it audio, video, images, logos, or simple data, Skyfall has made its way onto popular piracy websites, infringing heavily on the registered trademarks and copyrights of the song. The enforcement and protection of songs can be quite difficult, but the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has allowed for the tracking of these infringements. New businesses such as Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG TEK International) have stepped up to this challenge, offering practical solutions that allow for the possibility of recovery of lost income due to piracy using a combination of takedown notices, settlements, and other options.

Copyright Enforcement Group uses cutting-edge tracking software to generate the business intelligence that people need today. They are able to operate largely independent of the content owner, eliminating any hassle that might come from regular interaction. This autonomy is the direct result of years of hard work, building a reliable trust that continues to benefit both parties today.