CEG TEK International (CEG) To Attend Comic-Con International

CEG TEK International (CEG) today announced its presence at the 2012 Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA from July 12 to July 15.  CEG will be on hand to offer its comprehensive anti-piracy solutions and in-depth business intelligence services to the world’s greatest creative artists, game creators, filmmakers, and musicians.

Customized to suit the specific needs of all content creators of audio, video, image, text, video games and software, Copyright Enforcement Group fully automated process continuously monitors valuable features, detects and validates infringements and responds immediately to minimize loss. CEG’s proprietary system provides multiple anti-piracy solutions including a fully customizable Monetization service solution that is available at no cost to the content owner.

–  Infringement Monetization: CEG’s premier Monetization service protects and monetizes content across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols and websites.

–  Content Tracking: CEG’s Data Services identify infringements and provide an invaluable flow of raw data.

–  Content Takedown: CEG’s proprietary Takedown Notice service provides perpetual global monitoring and managed takedown notifications for creative content across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols and websites.

–  Business Intelligence: CEG’s Business Intelligence service provides the data analysis content owners need to accurately interpret data and make key business decisions.

Copyright Enforcement Group understands the extensive lengths, sacrifices, and risks digital creative artists, filmmakers, and musicians take to reach audiences worldwide. CEG’s in-house team of technology, intellectual property, and legal experts work together to ensure that owners’ valuable creative works are protected from digital piracy.

To learn more about Copyright Enforcement Group services, please visit ceg-intl.com. To schedule a free consultation during Comic-Con please call 877 526 7974 ext 175 or email salesteam(at)ceg-intl(dot)com.

About CEG TEK International

CEG TEK International provides first-in-class copyright, trademark and brand protection offering comprehensive anti-piracy solutions and in-depth business intelligence to content & rights owners worldwide. Cutting edge technology enables CEG TEK International to track, monetize, and analyze all forms of content – audio, video, image, text, logos, trademarks, brands, video games and software – across multiple Peer-to-Peer protocols (P2P) and websites. To learn more about CEG TEK International ‘s services, please visit http://www.ceg-intl.com.

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Role of Anti-Piracy and Copyright Enforcement Companies in educating internet users on intellectual property protection

Intellectual property protection is the talk of the town recently with myriad instances of individuals and organizations suffering huge losses due to copyright infringements online. Whether you are a copyright owner with valuable intellectual property assets distributed over the Internet or an internet user, it’s important that you have sound knowledge on the issue. While owners can protect their assets from copyright infringement with proper understanding of laws and protection measures, internet users must also take necessary precautions to avoid unauthorized use of copyrighted materials. In short, education on intellectual property protection is a must for all parties in today’s digital world.

The unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted intellectual property without permission from or compensations to the owner can constitute infringement. Civil damages in the United States of America can range all the up to $150,000 per willful infringement plus the costs of legal representation.

Intangible assets like ebooks, digital music and songs, software, video games, digital images, and digital videos can come under the cover of these intellectual property copyright laws. However, it is hardly possible for copyright owners to track down all infringements without application of modern technology.

Intellectual property protection firms like the Copyright Enforcement Group provide hi-tech solutions to tracking down infringements across peer-to-peer network like bittorrent [also known as P2P Networks or P2P Protocols] and websites. Moreover, Copyright Enforcement Group sometimes known as CEG helps both copyright owners and infringers to settle claims on reasonable terms and helps to educate internet users and intellectual property owners alike so all parties can avoid future infringements.

There are so many things for both copyright owners and infringers to know regarding copyright infringement of intellectual property. With a mission to educate internet users, Copyright Enforcement Group offers in-depth educational resources to consumers. It helps consumers in securing their internet connection, educating themselves, and directs them to legitimate content online. For example, useful resources from Copyright Enforcement Group can help you to setup or secure your wireless router, to make the most of network monitoring software, and to become familiar with the laws that govern intellectual property. All and all, correlation with CEG can come handy for any individual or organization that deals with intellectual property online.