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Movie Studios Battles On-Line Piracy – CEG Can Provide Support

Movies cost studios more than ever to produce. On average, the studios are spending more than $100 million on their “tent pole” movies. When the marketing costs, TV commercials, radio spots, print ads, are added in, costs can soar to almost $200 million. Even on the smaller movies costs of production alone regularly top $50 million.

Because of the tremendous sums of money being spent on movie production and marketing, studios are increasingly worried about the amount of on-line piracy taking place. All studios are experiencing huge losses due to on-line piracy.

For this reason the studios are digging in for battle with pirates and they are turning more and more to companies who are able to track those stealing movies. One such company is CEG or Copyright Enforcement Group (www.ceg-intl.com). They have a technology that is head and shoulder above others in the in industry. They are currently protecting over 23,000 copyrights, which is 10 times the amount other anti-piracy company.

CEG’s approach is different from other anti-piracy companies. Copyright Enforcement Group’s models are customizable and offer moviemakers, studios and content owners a broad range from basic information to comprehensive anti-piracy services. By having flexible models, CEG focuses on the clients needs rather than trying to make the clients fit into a pre-defined model as the other do. There is even a very popular monetization model available that is actually free to the content owner.